Photo: Study Bergen

How to keep up the good spirit while doing the 7-mountain hike (according to DNT and us)

How to prevent blisters

Cut your toenails and use an adhesive tape before you start hiking! Bring the adhesive tape.

Food and drink

Bring a good, packed lunch, water and some chocolate. Why not mix raisins, nuts and chocolate.

Weather and clothes

Bring extra clothes. It’s Bergen and you’re in the mountains. An umbrella is not hiking accessory. If the rain comes, start singing in the rain. 

Intermediate aim

Make yourself some goals along the way. Every 5 km you can eat some chocolate or sing a song.

Big smile

The 7-mountain hike with thousands of people out walking in different speed, will create some queuing from time to time. Smile to the person next to you, offer him or her a chocolate. You may end up as friends in the end, or better….

Keep a decent pace

Walk in your own pace, but respect others and don’t push. Remember that this is not a competition.


You’ve made it to Ulriken, so you've made it halfway! 


To walk in rough terrain gives you strength, endurance and balance.

Enjoy the scenery and the hike!

(Roughly translated from Norwegian:




Følg oss