Bergen Student-TV

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Bergen Student-TV

Written by: Student Bergen

Photo: BSTV

Bergen Student-TV is an organization who creates television by and for students in Bergen.

BSTV works to connect Bergen and its student community and to give students an insight into each other’s everyday lives, across institutions. BSTV had their first broadcast on local television in April 2003. Today, they broadcast daily, and exclusively online.

BSTV has around 80 members in five different departments. If you are interested in working as a reporter you can apply the News and Sports editorial staff or the Culture editorial staff. If you are interested in being being behind the camera you can apply to work with photo editing or multi-camera editing. If you are an actor, entertainer or writer, you can apply to the Entertainment editorial staff. If you like marketing and promoting, BSTV have a PR-group that you can apply to join.



All students in Bergen. It is possible to make news stories in English.







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