YATA Bergen (Youth Atlantic Treaty Association)


YATA Bergen (Youth Atlantic Treaty Association)

Written by: Student Bergen


YATA is constructed to raise awareness of security, defense and foreign policy issues among young professionals, students and cadets

Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Norway is a youth organisation under the Norwegian Atlantic Committee (DNAK). YATA Norway is politically independent. We have three local chapters, YATA Oslo, YATA Trondheim and YATA Bergen, in addition to the national board situated in Oslo.

YATA Norway throws events like embassy visits and lectures from politicians, military leaders and scientists, as well as visits to military bases and workshops. We have around 450 members nationally, and are experiencing rapid growth!


International students are welcome.


International Officer: oeystein@yata.no

E-mail: bergen@yata.no

Web: http://yata.no/english/

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