Sogn og Fjordane

Photo: Briksdalsbreen. Alexander Nikiforov. Colourbox.

Sogn og Fjordane

Written by: Student Bergen

Photo: Briksdalsbreen. Alexander Nikiforov. Colourbox.

Glaciers, fjords, rivers and mountains await exploration in Sogn og Fjordane. 

Nature to explore in Sogn og Fjordane

Jostedalsbreen Glacier
Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier in continental EuropeBriksdalsbreen, one of the best known and most accessible arms of Jostedal Glacier, attracts international tourists. Read more about visiting the Briksdalsbeen arm of Jostedalsbreen here

Jølstra River
This 22 km long river flows out into Fødefjorden from 207 metres above sea level. It offers recreation such as rafting

moutain with a depression in it that earned it a name meaning 'the bowl'. This is the longest uphill stretch in Norway - providing a hike with amazing fjord views. Read more about visiting Skåla here

Many picturesque fjords cut through Sogn og Fjordane. 

Read about visiting Sognefjorden here

Other, more man-made attractions include Selje Abbey, a Benedictine monastery; stave churches such as the Borgund Stave Church (the best preserved of Norway's stave churches); as well as the extremely scenic and steep Flåmsbanen (the Flåm railway line). If you want to take the Flåmsbanen, you can buy tickets at Norway's national rail service, NSB. Flåmsbanen runs between Myrdal and Flåm (you can take the train from Bergen to Myrdal first). 

How to get there

By boat
Norled offers express boats from Bergen Strandkaiterminal (near the Fishmarket) to Flåm, Aurland, Sogn, etc (around 5 hours). The routes are prone to seasonal variation, explore Norled's website here. Explore their routemap and schedules here

By Bus
Nor-way Bussekspress offers routes from Bergen Bus Station to Flåm, Aurland, Loen (a town about 2 km from the trailhead for Skåla), Stryn (a town about 3 km from the Brikksdalsbeen glacier arm). These take between 2.5 hrs and over 6 hours depending on the destination. 

By Train
NSB offers the Flåmsbanen route to Flåm, you must first take the train to Myrdal (about 3 hours total).

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