Information about Study Bergen events


Information about Study Bergen events

Written by: Study Bergen


Study Bergen arranges a number of subsidized events for students throughout the year. 

The amount we subsidize varies from event to event, but it can be up to 250 NOK per participant. Although the events are subsidized, there is usually also a cost for participants (ranging from NOK 50-350 depending on the event).  


Our events are for students registered at the following institutions:

  • University of Bergen (UiB)
  • Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL)
  • Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)
  • NLA University College (NLA)
  • VID specialized university (VID)


On some events we offer differentiated ticket prices for students attending other institutions and friends/family of participants. Please note that these tickets can only be bought together with a student ticket.  

How to Register
- We promote our events on our homepages and as events on our Facebook pages.Registration varies depending if it is a free event or if there is a participant cost.

- Joing the Facebook group is not a valid form for registration.

 -On both free events and payment events, registration must be undertaken on our homepages. (The link to the page will always be part of the event). 

All our events have a limited number of places.

How to pay

Payment is done by credit card via our registration page. If you for some reason cannot pay by creditcard or experience issues with the payment system, please contact us. We will try to sort out the issues. 

Tickets are non-refundable 

Why we do not offer refunds

We do not offer refund for the following reasons:

  • It leads to ticket touting
  • It significantly increases the administrative costs of hosting the event
  • It can lead to the participant register being less certain, which is problematic in a health and safety perspective.
  • It increases queuing time at the event
During the year, Study Bergen arranges between 10- 20 events. Depending on what the event is, the number of participants can vary from 50 to 350. We subsidize all the events we arrange for students attending our member institutions (UiB, HiB, NHH, KHiB, NLA, VID) and we strive to keep the price as low as possible for those attending the event. 

We understand that it can be frustrating that we do not accept changes. But since we subsidize the cost of every ticket (often up to 50% of the actual price), we hope participants appreciate that we cannot offer the same level of service as organisations and companies whose goal is to make a profit on their events.

On some of our events, there can be a risk of personal injury to participants, for example Bergen Student Skiing, Bergen Student Summer Skiing etc. Please note that neither Study Bergen (Utdanning i Bergen) nor your host institution are liable should you injure yourself, lose or have possessions stolen from you on any of the events. We recommend that you have a valid insurance, in case of such occurrences.

You will find photos from the events we arrange on our Facebook pages, Study Bergen


If you have any comments or suggestions to trips we have arranged, or ideas for possible future arrangements, please feel free to contact us by email at or phone: +47 55 58 90 43/37



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