Bergen Student Winter Hike


Carpe diem everyone! We’ve decided to arrange an impromptu sunshine hike in the snow starting at Fløien tomorrow Thursday 21st January to enjoy the sunshine, snow and clear blue skies. We’ll take the funicular up and hike from Mount Fløyen to Brushytten. The route from Brushytten will be decided on the day and will depend on the speed and size of the group. We expect to be back in Bergen between 17:00 and 18:00,  but this is subject to change.

For safety and practical reasons you must have registered by 09:30am if you want to join the trip. We will cover the cost of the funicular UP to Fløyen for students attending UiB, HiB, KHiB, NLA og VID. If you have friends or family that would like to join the hike, they are welcome to, but they must purchase their own funicular ticket.    

What to wear
Dress in layers, ideally with wool as the base layer. Do not wear jeans (or tights), they get heavy and cold when they get wet. The top layer should be a good jacket or a thick woollen jumper. You’ll need hiking boots and we recommend woollen socks. 

A rucksack, a camera, something to eat, and a thermos with a warm drink
Don’t forget!
Hats, gloves, scarves, sunglasses and sunscreen. Cash if you want to take the funicular down. 

Meet up - Fløibanen funicular at 12:55.

Don't be late, we won't wait for you if you are

Registration is now closed


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