Student Football Cup 2012


Student Football Cup 2012

Written by: Michael Lyngstad


Register you and your friends for the Football championship hosted by SiB and Study Bergen, Sunday 6th May





Registration opens Monday 23rd April at 12:00.


 * 4-aside teams play with small goals

* There are no corners, offline or throw-ins

* No keepers

* Teams must be mixed, and both genders must be represented on the pitch throughout the whole of each match

* Teams can alternate their players throughout the matches

* Each match lasts 8 minutes

* Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points

* If there is a draw, the group winner will be decided by: 1. 2.Goal difference. 3.  firstgoal difference If there is still a tie, the Winner will be decided by a coin toss.

* The winners of each group go on to play in the semi-finals


The winning team receives the travelling trophy

Prizes will be given for:

•             Best team name

•             Coolest team uniform/team costume

•             Fair play

These winners will be decided by the organizers


Additionally there will be a draw for the following prizes among all the participating teams.

•             10 tickets to Brann – Viking 7th May

•             2 tickets Bergen Student Skerries Cruise 12. May with Study Bergen

•             2 tickets Trip to Lysøen 31. May with Study Bergen

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