Welcome to Bergen!

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and the administrative and educational center of western Norway. Although with 265,000 inhabitants, it is a small city by international standards, Bergen is a vibrant city with personality and charm.

Located by the Atlantic Ocean, the history and development of Bergen are closely linked to trade routes at sea and a constant interaction with the outside world. Over 27 000 studenter from all over the world choose to study in Bergen, resulting in a thriving nightlife, musical and cultural scene.

The city center is naturally framed by mountains and the sea, resulting in a compactness that ensures that most things are within easy walking distance. This means that you can easily enjoy the many parks, cafés and shops, and take part in all the cultural events and student activities that are going on.


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  • City of Nature

    City of Nature

    Bergen is known as the city between the seven mountains and as the gateway to the Norwegian fjords.

  • City of Culture

    City of Culture

    As Norway's second largest city, Bergen is home to several cultural institutions, renowned museums and has a thriving musical scene.

  • A charming city

    A charming city

    Bergen is known for the narrow streets, beautiful parks, open squares and wooden houses.

  • Student Welfare

    Student Welfare

    The student welfare organisation, SAMMEN offer student housing, cafeterias, counselling services and sports activities.

  • Climate in Bergen

    Climate in Bergen

    Located on the West Coast of Norway and close to the North Sea, the climate in Bergen can feel cold and harsh for many incoming students....

  • Transport


    The public transport in Bergen is operated by Skyss and consists of bus lines and a light rail. 


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